"Potential minus interference equals performance."


Sir John Whitmore

"The mind that holds the problem, also holds the solution."


Nancy Kline

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Executive & Personal Coaching

When might you want to consider coaching?


There could be lots of reasons.


We offer both personal and business coaching.


For you personally there could be a specific issue you would like to address, or you would like to develop in some way.


For business it  could be about moving performance from good to great, winning a promotion or increasing your personal impact.


Recent coaching topics


  • Delivering presentations
  • Exploring career options
  • Planning next career move
  • Implementing new processes
  • Managing workload
  • Overcoming ‘overwhelm’ and building resilience
  • Enabling collaboration in difficult relationships
  • Stepping into leadership
  • Building self confidence
  • Being a great manager, helping others to give their best

How we work


Get in touch with us by email, here. No question is too small or silly. We won’t try and sell to you or talk you into something you don’t want. You have to feel ‘ready’ for coaching. And we’ll ask you questions to understand how any skill development will offer you a return on investment



How Jo works as a coach


Whether I’m working with a mum who is looking to regain confidence to get back to work after a career break, or a senior executive my individual work with you will include:


  • Creating a shared vision for what a successful outcome for the coaching would be for you right now
  • Building on your strengths and achievements
  • Identifying what can sometimes get in the way of your achieving what you’d like


Together, we’ll work to unlock whatever that interference could be for you. Whether it’s internal or external, once you’ve identified what can sometimes get in the way, the next step is to plan your strategy to move forward.


Our ‘chemistry’ and relationship is what makes this work. It is paramount. We’ll begin by agreeing how best to work together.


My aim is that in your work with me you’ll experience warmth, and a non-judgemental sounding board. I work with ruthless compassion, and with positive intent. My aim is only to help you achieve your goals. This drives any questions I ask, not by any ulterior motive.

My clients value it when I reflect what I’m experiencing. This could include raising awareness of unhelpful behaviours or exploring  limiting beliefs to that may interfere with achieving your goals.


I believe that you have the solution within you.


Coaching is not a ‘quick-fix’ solution.  My aim is for you to gain long-term, permanent changes in your life. Although you may recognise changes relatively quickly, the embedding of those behaviours to provide a lasting benefit may take time.


Coaching is not therapy, counselling or advice.  If I feel that one of these options is more suitable we’ll discuss that and can stop the coaching.


Here’s an outline of how the coaching process kicks off:

We hold a short ‘chemistry’ phone call to explore what you’d like out of the coaching. We’ll explore;


• your high level aims

• the logistics when, how many, how long each session will be

• whether you’d like to include a personality assessment, peer questionnaire or 360 feedback

• How we can make this work within your budget. The costs vary for corporate or self -funding clients and for those experiencing hardshi


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Jo Bishop


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