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Last year some of my peers identified some issues in my communication that were having some impact in my day-to-day work. I thought Jo could coach me and help me improve my communication skills.


Jo was always welcoming and made me feel at ease from early on. Feeling a gap in one’s communication skills can be overwhelming and emotional, but she reassured me that we would be working together. Before the session she prepared me with some things to think about in advance, which ended up filling my thoughts most of the time until the session.


I was really happy to go to the Coaching Cabin: it is a beautiful and relaxing place, and I was able to disconnect from the world and concentrate only on our work together as Jo helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses in communication and some of the factors that contribute to my better or worst performance in different contexts. At times it was a bit emotional, but I felt Jo was always supportive, helping me to identify strategies for different situations or more emotional reasons that lead to some lack of confidence in communicating.


Since the session, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on my efforts to improve my communication skills. I had asked some people to give me feedback before the session, and the same people have been very positive afterwards. It's been amazing and it really helped me realise where I could improve at different levels - from putting in place procedures to make sure I communicate in time, to preparing for meetings, to having more confidence in myself.


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I found the sessions with Jo to be exhilarating, informative and thought provoking. The atmosphere inside the coaching cabin was calm and unthreatening.


Nevertheless it was no easy ride as I was challenged to reflect on my skills, work and life experiences in order to  realise my potential and possibilities


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